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Non-Profits and Exhibits

ALTA participates in our community through building for good causes.

In Minneapolis, our work includes the award-winning Mixed Blood Theatre, housed in a 19th century fire station, and known internationally for its world premieres and color-blind casting. We installed an elevator and reshaped the main lobby, the rehearsal space, parking lot and added dressing rooms and bathrooms. The distinctive bell tower was restored by ALTA and will soon house the original fire bell.

In St. Paul, we were the contracting company chosen to open the train station portion of the shuttered Union Depot including repairs to  its ornamental plaster and skylights. In 1998, we created and installed a supplementary building housing the “Titanic” exhibit. This included a special pool featuring historic artifacts from the salvaged ocean liner’s voyage up from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The Union Depot, which had been closed since 1971, is now a thriving commercial success and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • ST. PAUL UNION DEPOT--Titanic Exhibit
  • FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN --Minnesota home office 
  • The A-LIST--teen social service center

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